Tiki Rule #358 Leave rocks on the 'aina.

    • Sharon Launtz I'm definitely NOT challenging Rule # 358, but do ya think there's some truth to that story?
      February 22 at 4:51am · Like
    • Paul Bauer 
      ‎@ Sharon... Aloha.. I for years was a Captain for Captain Zodiac on Kauai, once a week I or another would do the rock drop off, at least 50lbs. We would read the letters that came with the rocks, anything from loosing a job, a husband a wife, worst yet was the death letters. We would take the rocks with the letters to a Heiau on the Na Pali Coast wrap them in Ti leaves and say a prayer for the family. The Stories are true in Hawaii. Don't take Pele's children from her or something bad will happen, just like sea shells.. don't take em, they are there cause the person b4 did not pick em.... Share The Spirit Of Aloha.... It's Free... Aloha hui ho...
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